Work, is a high energy consumption activity either in physically or mentally. Sometimes we work ourselves out too much that normal rest is no longer sufficient. There are many work to death cases around the globe has raise attention recently. 

We might think that of course we will not overwork until to death, but due to stress or overload task, we will still get exhausted. Here are the 8 signs indicating us that we need to take a break from work.

1. Mentally and Physically Exhausted

Getting very tired after work is normal but if the tiring level is too high, meaning that we drained totally. Normal 8 hours of sleeping is no longer enough or insomnia due to stress. Feeling that do not want to wake up in the morning and demotivated to go to work is the sign of mentally exhausted.

2. Unstable Emotion

Feeling irritable when task do not conduct smoothly, yell at co workers frequently, feel down easily during work. The conditions that do not appear during previous time has rise the attention of ourselves, telling us that our emotion is in uncontrollable condition, is time to take some break.

3. Unfocused

Distracted by the negative feeling has direct our focus energy, making us hard to stay focus to perform task. Lack of rest or high stress level has killed our innovative and day dreaming during working hour. An easy task that able to finish in an hour now took you few hours to get it done, very unproductive.

4. Making More Careless Mistakes

Sent sensitive email to wrong person? Final figure type wrongly on your financial report? Or mistakes like forgetting what boss said during meeting is mistakes that we will not make. When we are overwhelmed by stress and load, emotion and energy starts to mess around. Go for break and recharge to prevent all these stupid mistakes.

5. Avoid Communicate With Co Workers

Feeling annoy and exhaust to communicate with co workers? No communication in workplace is a serious problem, no work can be done smoothly. Affected by the negative emotion and low energy level, making us feel like do not want to talk at all in office.

6. Takes Longer Time to Finish Same Task

Demotivated and laziness resulting in lower capability to finish same job task which we used to finish them in short period of time. Like sending a reminder email only spends few minutes of time previously but now we tend to drag to finish only before we go back.

7. Wondering What We Are Doing Actually

After long day of work, cannot recall back what we did in the whole day? Or keep wondering why are we perform certain task? Losing the purpose to go to work energetically like few years back, the impact of mentally exhausted. Remind us to go for a vacation break, find back the purpose.

8. Think About Quitting Every Moment

Waking up everyday in the morning and feel like want to quit the job, feeling that the job no longer serve any purpose to our life. The job has become only the tool for us to receive paycheck every month. We need purposes to keep us move forward, take a break and look for it.

We are human beings not robot, an animal that is emotion driven. If any signs of the above appear on us, it is time to take short period of leave and go for travel, to recharge our soul. Things will get better after coming back from vacation break.

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