There is a Chinese phrase saying that “a kind of rice raise hundreds kind of people”, simply meaning that it takes all sorts to make a world. The people we used to get along closely sure are those a kind we love to be together, however in workplace, we have no choice but to get along with the people we hated.

It is just fine if the situation able to harmonize and keep the company continue to grow in a healthy state, but it also will turn the environment of the organization upside down created a huge loss in human resources. Here are the 9 types of people most hated at workplace. Try not to be one.

1. Toxic Spreader

The toxic spreader is even worst than a gossiper, they not only spread rumours but also spread the negativity spirit around the workplace environment. We can spot one whenever our spirit energy is totally drained when stay around with him/her.

Toxic spreader will only complain everything, spreading the rumours in even worst condition, trying to brain wash the people around with their own facts and theories.

2. Promise Breaker

We all do hate when someone not able to keep their promise right? Promise breaker we mentioned here is not contrary to normal life issue, while it is the promise related to work. Promised to submit the report in due date but do not able to, promised commissions and allowances but do not commit. No employee will work hard for you if you yourself do not have commitment and faith.

3. Slacker

We got paid to perform and complete our tasks, somehow there always exist someone try to avoid their tasks and works. What make slacker so special that they can avoid their task and increase the load to the co worker around them. This will raise the unsatisfactory environment in the workplace. Eliminate the slacker as soonest as possible or this habit will be spread around.

4. Faker

The faker, person that have different attitude at different occasions. Their words are different all around the place even sometimes we do not know which is real or fake. Personal issue related will not make any big impact to the environment at the workplace but if the faker is type of person that wear mask to convince and persuade top management, is the type that do not get along with co worker very well.

5. Credit Stealer

Act of thief and so annoying at the workplace, taking all the credit of other co workers for self benefits. This kind of people exist commonly at workplace. He/she might taken the credit unintentionally however before taking other people’s credit, please do consider the feeling and the contribution of hard work. Credit stealer not only taken the credit and benefit, they also kill the inspiration and motivation of co workers.

6. Idea Killer

“No, No, No”, “This will not work”, “Try figure something else”, is the common phrase to kill any ideas. Innovation do not come just by snapping fingers, it must be intensive brain activities to generate the ideas. Before say “No”, give it a try, it might lead to a new discover of benefit. Worst case scenario, it will be an experience, so what is the harm?

7. Politic Player

We believe this is the type of people we hated most in a workplace. They treated the organization or the company like their playground, mess around with co workers with their authorities and powers. They even start to threaten the co workers using their position or status. They will take the excuses of company standards to restraint the activities of every workers.

8. Narcissist

This type of people thinks that the world has to spin around them, driven by ego and self oriented. They always think they are correct, hard to accept ideas of other co workers. They carry and work out their tasks using their ways, thinking it is the best. Narcissist people is very hard to get along therefore always dislike by other co workers by their stubborn habit.

9. Chip on One’s Shoulder

They carry the same angry and sour face everyday to the workplace, like everyone on the earth offended him/her. Their attitude on work is not pleasant and sometimes will be irritating to work with. They do not have much manner and not really care about it.

In workplace, we all shall share and work on the same vision, spread the positive and create a harmony workplace. To increase the productivity and inspire every workers to attend and leave happily. Eliminate the bad apple to protect the whole bucket of apples.

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