Millennial or Gen Y in definition, describe individual that born approximately between 1980 to 2000. However millennial or Gen Y has become a typical address for young employees that are tough to manage, high self esteem, entitled and even lazy. Is that really true fact describing the Millennial?

From the explanation of great speaker Simon Sinek, he also mentioned millennial in workplace want free food and bean bags but they still not satisfy. In fact this is very true, a very sad phenomena happens on millennial nowadays. What lead to this? Very much pampered parenting for millennial, technology of social media rising terrifically that millennial able to access every corner of the world and change the perspective of life, or the culture of corporation still not ready for the millennial?

Millennial are very great in workplace undeniably. They have great innovations and ideas. They even very good in technology which enhance the capability at workplace. They can multitasking, finishes up the work in a very short time even with the simplest ways to solve the problems. Despite of all this great, they still leave the corporation very soon. When manager approach and ask reason why? Typically reply will be “seeking for better opportunity”.

Due to easy access to the internet nowadays, millennial able to get any information across the globe. Unfairness and stupidity can be discover by the flip of the fingers on mobile devices. This is the main gap between the older generation and Gen Y, older generation will always mention “last time” while millennial will be saying “now everything is different”.

To Millennial, it is fine that you look for great opportunity, but the important part is look for your passion. Main reason millennial tough to manage is they themselves do not know what they really want, thus living a miserable life. You must know what you really love doing, for example, travel around the world. This is a great vision however you might be hammer down by the cost of travelling, so come out a proper plan instead of complaining.

You should discover the culture of corporation world, to life your dream up, you need to feed your stomach first isn’t it? If you able to find a job that you love, stick with it, experience and discover more by taking it as a bridge building platform. If you do not love the job you are doing, you must be loving the paycheck amount, bare it with no complaint, you yourself make the choice.

How to know if you are living miserably? Simply ask yourself what lifestyle do you want? Are you living it now? So how to stop living miserably, Find your passion! Find your passion! Find your passion! Passion is something that wake you up in the morning without wanting to snooze, going bed at late night because you enjoying it.

But here comes the difficult part, how to find your passion? That, is a million dollar question. The Life Mastermind will discover your passion along your side!

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