After continuous days of rest and enjoyed private activities, we all tend to have the “Monday blues” mood. Blue is an expression or emotion of laziness, tiredness, lack of joy, stress and etc. Phenomenon normally happens on Monday because the anxiety and load at workplace starts to flow into our mind.

Comparing with entrepreneur or employer, they tend to have less “Monday blues” mood because they are always in the state of standby and motivated. Monday is the start of the week and suppose to be a productive day. Here we will discuss 3 elements help to avoid Monday blues.

Physically Ready

1. Dress Well

Dress the best suit we have during the first day of work, can greatly increase our self esteem and confidence, deliver a good image to co workers or clients. The very first step to make us feels good when looking at mirror, enhance the positive energy of emotion.

2. Decent Breakfast

Get ourselves a decent breakfast to boost our energy and even positive emotion, trick our mind that after this “decent meal”, everything will go smoothly and perfectly. Find a good cafe to enjoy the very first meal of the week, try look outside of the cafe to observe any interesting happening or read some book. Good start good end.

Mentally Ready

1. Plan Well

After coming back from relax days, we will somehow forget the process where we stopped previously. Thus, we shall plan our schedule ahead on Monday morning to avoid any clumsiness or mistakes. Planning ahead also increase the consciousness of the mind in work and increase the confidence of the individual.

2. Positive Mindset

We cannot avoid negative emotion but we can always replace them with the positive one. This is the reason why we need to get physically ready first, to trigger our consciousness then we will be able to focus on the probabilities of positive activities around us such as people holding door for stranger. Occasion like this can greatly enhance our mood and allow us to forget about anxiety and demotivation.

3. Identify Problem

Be a logical thinking person by asking ourselves “what’s wrong?” or “where has gone wrong?”, to figure out the factors that affect our mood on Monday. This method require a lot of practice because only few can be so “logic” in a moody state.

Right Attitude

1. Attitude Toward Self

The attitude of ourselves is the habit of responsibilities we had to go through our life. If we adapt the attitude of complain on every Monday morning, this habit will go on and thus make us Monday even more blues. Treat ourselves better by carry smiley face with sincerity all the time, enhance the charisma of ourselves.

2. Attitude Toward Others

Treat the person around us better particularly on Monday morning as simple as giving them a smile, we took the first approach to inspire up people, make ourselves feels good when we see them happy and inspired. Then they will treat the same to them person around them, the Monday blues atmosphere will be able to eliminate by then.

For normal employee that looking at this article, the elements mentioned above are just very basic, the important is we must develop a strong mindset, good vision and motivation. If your are employer that reading this article, try understand more about your employee, try to align your thinking with your employee. Live our life to fullest!

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