Normal employee works average of 8 hours per day and 5 days a week, researcher showed that average person is only productive for 3 hours a day, meaning that if we used up all energy focus on first 3 hours in work, remaining session will be less efficiency on outcome.

However we still need to complete our work task in this competitive environment, being effective and productive at work is difficult however it’s not impossible. Work is also a lifestyle because work has occupied most of our time, thus happy work happy life. Here we will discuss 5 effective ways to increase our efficiency and productivity.

Practice Concentrate

We all know what concentrate is, but not many know how concentrate to be done. We do not have class that teach how to concentrate, parent always tell us to concentrate but even parent themselves also do not know how. Concentrate has become a normal phrase rather than an action.

So, how do we concentrate? Concentrate is focus all attention on a particular at a time, which is if we are doing a financial report, focus all in to do it without caring the distraction of notifications on mobile phone, and on hold all monkey mind thinking in our head. Concentrate is like a muscle, it needs to be practice to build and master.


As we mentioned, work is also a lifestyle, planning ahead is very important for a lifestyle. Either it is goal planning, schedule planning, deadline planning, all must have a proper order. We do not hope to have a miserable lifestyle aren’t we? Not knowing where to go during a trip, not knowing what to eat for dinner is pathetic.

Plan ahead for better preparation, knowing well what will come and what challenges are waiting for us in specific task. This practice is not only will able to increase our efficiency, it also can help us to build our discipline. To stop the messy habit during work hour, facing the load but not knowing which and where to go is disastrous.

Appropriate Breaks

We are human beings, we will get exhausted after a long period time of performing activities. Taking breaks can help us to be more concentrate, recharge our energy so that we can stay refreshed and energized through out the day, to increase our efficiency and productivity.

Activities can be taken during breaks such as a nice sip of drinks, power nap, meditation and etc. All these will able to refresh and recharge our energy compare to walk around to gossip, playing with mobile devices are only distraction and consume even more of our energy.

Communicate Effectively

Work is never an individual activity, a group or organization requires a lot of communication established between all levels, departments and co-worker. Working alone is never an effective way to generate best outcome. Communicate effectively to any other teammates or department greatly increase effectiveness.

Idea and information sharing across each other, increase the innovative and finish the task easier and faster as useful information are gathered. Communication is also a platform for skill exchange, no human able to master everything but we can assure that someone is master in something, this can make the task distribute to the correct person and perform extremely productively and efficient.

Psychology Perspective

Healthy mindset is important in work place, positive thinking and affirmations to keep us at the best state to go through our working days. Waking up in the morning and start whining, no positive energy to welcome the day of work is a signal that we are exhausted, how efficiency can we be in that state?

Everything start from our inner self, whatever we think and shall we become. Thus, stay positive and tell ourselves that we are great and efficient, that we can perform any task and nail any challenges. Do not get affected by negativity around us, our life shall be our control.

Practice these 5 ways to increase our efficiency at work, to achieve the best work-life balance that we all dreaming off. Remember that work is also our lifestyle, if we want a healthy lifestyle then work life must also achieve the healthy level.

Live life to fullest!

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