We all are actually born capable to become a leader. However, doesn’t mean that everyone of us want to be a leader and not everyone of us should be a leader. Everyone can practice leadership skill to be a good leader. Leadership just like parenting, we practice the skill to cultivate people.

Leadership require to enhance the relationship with co-worker, because human being are emotional. Unlike manager, they only require to manage, but we cannot manage people, we can only manage system. Here we have 5 essential leadership skill for workplace.

1. Visionary

Leaders must know where they lead the groups to, that is why visionary is important. We must know the destination we wish to go, then only we can start our journey and enjoy the process. A leader without any vision or goal is clueless, do not expect the outcome thus progress has not orientation.

Carry a clear vision and faith in achieving it. Leaders who know what to do, where the direction and how to expand able to lead the team, also delivering the team with great confidence. Confidence to grow with great leader and clear path of vision.

2. Communication

Communication skill is very general soft skill of all yet is the hardest to master. No matter in what sector of career, communication is most essential soft skill, to enhance and develop relationship. Communication for leaders are the capability to express the ideas while the teams able to understand clearly.

Not only to express the ideas or to deliver orders, communication skill also use to harmonize the relationships around the team. Understand the needs, request and listen well to the ideas of the team. Create a communication gap of an organization is the ultimate goal of all leaders.

3. Dependability

Dependability is the commitment and confidence of a leaders able to deliver to their team members. We all love to work under a safe and secure environment. Maslow’s Hierachy is a system clearly explain human needs, leaders should apply this on their organization. If leaders able to provide a secure environment, employees will have higher loyalty and will contribute more to the organization.

4. Positive and Inspire

Positive attitude able to drive us longer in the path of creation. An individual with positive attitude look at problems as opportunities, able to solve it easily. Duty as a leader of course is to develop positive attitude of team members.

Motivate and inspire team members to develop a high impact and energy environment. Never say “No” or reject the ideas of team members before listen and consider, every thinking worth something. How inspire can an employee be if he or she does not has the feeling of fulfillment?

5. Empathy

Empathy is the capable to understand the feelings of other person. Leaders practice empathy here is to become more vulnerable within the organization. A vulnerable leaders make their employees feel more safe, let the employees know that any issues can be discuss freely with their leader.

Understand the feelings of team members, put ourselves in others shoes. Stop blaming the incapability of team members and start to explore the excellency of team members. Understand first the problems faced by team members, give advice or help to solve the problems if possible.

Leadership skills are practicable for all who want to be a leader. Leadership not only restrict for top position of a company. Leader can be as in an assignment group of college, events leader, family and etc. Live life to fullest!

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